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The Total Dog Index provides dog owners with a comprehensive and easy to use directory of local dog related businesses within Oxfordshire and the surrounding area. Search for local dog related businesses in your area such as dog trainers, groomers, dog walkers, dog parks, etc using the search function above and then filter the results to find those that match the criteria that you require. For example if you are looking for dog trainers that offer agility training within 10 miles of where you live, or a doggy day care business that offers group play within a 5 mile radius of your home then the Total Dog Index allows you to easily find businesses that match exactly such criteria.

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If your dog business is already listed within our directory then you can claim your listing which then allows you to edit your listing and add further information about your dog business. Just register an account and login, locate your business listing and visit the profile page for your business, then use the “Claim Listing” button on that page to claim your listing. When claiming your dog business listing you will have the option to keep the listing as a free listing or upgrade it to a premium listing to help your business stand out.

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If you operate a dog related business and are not currently listed within the Total Dog Index, you are welcome to add your dog business. We offer the choice of free and premium paid listings within our directory. When adding a listing for your dog business you will have the option to add a free listing or premium listing to help your business stand out.

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